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Retro Kids

Each Saturday, your kids will have fun building friendships with each other, while learning about Jesus at an age appropriate level!

Nursery: 6 months - 4yrs | Retro Kids: Ages 5-11


We have fun.

Kids should have fun! That includes games, interactive activities, singing and imaginative play, while communicating the story of Jesus in an age appropriate way!

We learn about Jesus.

We intentionally make Jesus the center of attention in every facet of Retro Kids.  What matters most is helping the children build an unwavering faith in Him.

We build friendships.

Every child needs others to journey with them. Children should build vertical and horizontal friendships, i.e. with Jesus and people in their age group.

We pray.

Growing up is tough. But we acknowledge that with God, all things are possible! We teach every Retro Kid the importance of prayer, and that God wants to hear from them!

We are safe.

Your childs safety is priority #1.


We create and maintain environments that facilitate the right level of safety and care conducive for children to thrive.

A child in our midst should never be missed! Jesus loves all children of all abilities in all circumstances, and we love them too. We want God’s best for every child.

We embrace all children.

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Want to know more?

At Retro, we're a church for the whole family. Send us a message today and one of our Retro Kids leaders will be in touch with you. 

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